Pretty much explains it all doesn’t it? No need for me to add anything when the template is spelled out in pure color.

Water. Lots of it. In a pinch, your friend’s swimming pool would do the trick. Water is the primo locale for chilwave. Nobody knows this better than chilwave pioneer Warshed Out.

Ernest Greene is from Georgia, a coastal state. Greene likely had childhood trips out to those Eastern shores, dreaming as wide as the ocean. Hard to believe some people have never experienced the ocean, but the feeling is immense. With “Feel It All Around”, Greene captured that nostalgic longing for the infinite. It expresses a floating, carefree tone most suitable for sun-baked lounging with splashing sounds in the distance. It beckons the listener to pop open their Coleman Performance Cooler and pull out two Corona Light’s as the sunset dips into the horizon, creating a sort-of half-day phenomenon.

It’s a truly remarkable song that may have you wondering its purpose as the Portlandia theme song.

Hope that clears it up.

Be sure to add “Feel It All Around” to any of your chilwave playlists.

  • Doris Montgomery

    Summer of Chillwave content begins. Great work RJ thenks for my life

  • Doris Montgomery

    Also I’m from the DC area and people who grew up here add an r to washington and washers

    • alteph.

      The DC area was a great place to experience chillwave for the first time

  • Caleb Tripp

    one of the things i like about this song is that it makes me feel like I’m chilling at the beach or something. Even when I’m not!

  • Cooolin

    Great write-up! Almost as great as COLEMAN Performance Coolers are durable!

    • lobster man

      Yes and very economic writing. Kinda like COLEMAN Performance Coolers’ affordable price. Temperatures as cold as the mighty tundra that won’t break the bank.

      • raptor jesus

        Happy to report my COLEMAN EMERGENCY PONCHOS were used and helpful! God I love COLEMAN

  • lobster man

    Danzig was proto-chillwave ya know.