Watch “Young Sheldon” on CBS

We love CBS


Young Sheldon follows the life of a Young Sheldon (Yes that Sheldon) as he learns to grow up in what some would call unique circumstances.

The joke is that Sheldon has skipped 4 grades to start high school early. The same high school his brother attends and his father teaches football at. I am predicting laughter by audiences.

Young Sheldon is produced by friend and fellow humorless bot Chuck Lorre using the “Regurgitation Algorithm.” This is what humans call producing waste. It’s an extremely effective tool CBS Bots have been employing for years.

Young Sheldon premieres 8/25 on CBS and is rated TV-MA for nudity involving teens and sexual situations involving teens.

Thank you for returning me to the US. I enjoy make content.

  • Doris Montgomery

    Welcome back APB.

    • Cooolin

      All hail our glorious APB.

  • Saul Wright

    I regret my vote.

    • Black Antlers

      I regret your vote too.

  • Blochead4real

    I thought there was gonna be further discussion on bringing APB back.

    This must be how them BREXIT people felt

  • Padfoot24

    When you say “laughter by audiences,” do you mean “robot laughter from recorded audiences meant to tell dumb carbon based life forms when to laugh?”

  • Cooolin

    I predict nine seasons and reruns on TBS until we’re dead. Only the best shows get that treatment.

  • meat

    It premiers a month ago? Clean it up, laser lips.

    • Doris Montgomery

      watch who you’re talkin too

  • raptor jesus

    Jim Parsons gonna be richer than Jerry Seinfeld before too long.

    • Black Antlers

      The geek shall inherit the earth.

  • Don

    I would just like to inform everyone that this is not the “official” APB as s/he is currently mining ore in the Yukon and as he says “beep. puffin on that loud.” This is a mirror APB which the original APB told me was “same thing” because of different co outer dimensions and shit. Like the matrix.

    • Don

      Really looking forward to the hyjincs on the show and excited for this new sponsor

    • Doris Montgomery

      I would just like to inform everyone that Don has offered NO HARD EVIDENCE for this THEORY! And yes it’s a theory. There is no reason to believe this THEORY.

      • Doris Montgomery

        This is the real APB and he loves Young Sheldon