Wear Your Wounds is the solo project from Converge founder and frontman, Jacob Bannon. Unlike the floor punching hardcore of Converge, Wear Your Wounds slows things down and takes much more mournful approach. The self titled second single off of the upcoming self titled album (lots of self titling going down) is a slow burner built around sparse piano and murmuring vocals until the song’s cathartic conclusion. Here’s that video:

Wear Your Wounds is set to be released on April 7. Preorder at Deathwish Inc.

  • DFrye

    If it’s good enough for Black Sabbath, Bad Company, and Metal Church…

    From hardcore to slowcore. Quite the talented lot that Converge!

    • lobster man

      A love the amount of slowcore popping up in metal now.

  • Blochead4real

    This is a great song.

    • lobster man

      It really is. I love Converge but I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this. I’m pretty excited now.