Git the fuck outta here, Diplo. Sayonara, Skrillex. It’s time for a new man to claim the glowing throne of Eee Dee Em:

Who, me?

Yessiree! The beloved star of modern classics Wild Wild West and Hancock is making music, and ready to dominate the genre that’s been THE defining sound of 2017! And this single’s got it all: booming kick drums, pulsing synths, a mind-blowing drop. If you’re not LITERALLY ON FIRE after this, you’re clearly a goddamn robot and should be exterminated immediately … by THIS motherfucker:

“Got any robots that need killin’?”

All this while being a proud father of three well-adjusted youths? Damn. Wish my dad could be this cool.

Listen below and get lit with Mr. Smith:

  • Doris Montgomery

    Oh my

    • Cooolin

      You must be so lit right now

      • Black Antlers

        On fuckin fire

  • lobster man

    I got into an extensive conversation about Will Smith’s music career the other day. Then I realized that the only 00s Will Smith hits I know are actually Usher songs.

  • DFrye


  • Thom’s Left Eye

    Estranged Dad attempts to bond with his children, the song.

    “Please come home for dinner sometime guys, it’ll be lit”.