Xiu Xiu are releasing their new album, Forget, later this month. Today they have released the third single, “Get Up” accompanied by a music video. It appears that after covering the Twin Peaks soundtrack the group has taken some cues from David Lynch. The lyrics feature the kind of obsessive romanticism that will either make you blush or nervous (maybe both at the same time). Key moments include: Jaime bellowing “love me forever” as Noemi Gonzalez stares into the camera and all of the bizarre synth lines throughout. Stewart also spends a fair amount of time describing different instruments falling on his face. Watch the video below.

Forget out February 24. Pre-order it from Polyvinyl Records Co.

  • DFrye

    Never really checked these guys out. Where should I start?

    • lobster man

      I’m glad you asked! I think Fabulous Muscles is pretty essential. Then I’d say try out The Air Force. Lots of fucked up pop music. So pretty much exactly what I want out of my pop music.

      • DFrye

        “Pop” music. Hahahaha. This guy is so angry. I love it.