Ever been invited to a Bring Your Own Dinner event? Not potluck. Some fucking thing where apparently everybody shows up at a prescribed time and brings their own dinner? And from what I gather you don’t share food either. You simply show up with your fully realized dinner, whatever the fuck that even means, and then the lot of you sit and eat your dinners? I imagine in a weird silence that is awkward as fuck. Who came up with this concept? Is this a singular event one of the upper echelons of Blocland.com has to deal with (no names)? Or has anybody else dealt with this raised by wolves scenario of coordinated dining? Am I the only one that thinks it reeks of laziness on the hosts part? Like how hard is it to come up with the guest list and then dole out very broad food sub-categories for guests to bring? Who doesn’t love potluck? You tell me you’re having a potluck and I’m there with bells on. Oh, appetizer you say? Boom, a 20 minimum item poo poo platter with the finest of meats, cheeses, veggies, and other assorted nosh articles. DONE, baby. Oh you want a veggie? I got that covered for days, dawg. You want my roasted brussel sprouts with bacon and feta crumble? Cuz that shit is goin down. But Bring Your Own Dinner? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT BULLSHIT? Should I bring a damn sandwich for the sake of ease and clean-up? An elaborate 5 course meal? Some damn thing in between? And then what kind of weird societal judging of one another goes on during this nonsense? Are couples surreptitiously mocking me as I eat my sandwich? Cuz they brought a full roasted rack of lamb?

Let me know if you’ve been involved in this societal nightmare down in the comments. And if you haven’t let me know if you think it’s a batshit crazy as I do. Maybe you think it’s absolutely swell. Convince me of why this idea isn’t the dining equivalent of “bring your own dead person” to a funeral.

  • LeMonjello

    Well, as a matter of fact….

  • Doris Montgomery

    I’ve never heard of this. Did this happen to you or you read this on twitter?

    • LeMonjello

      This is bloc appropriating my struggles.

  • Cooolin

    I got an e-vite from Glenn for one of these back when he wasn’t dead. But our dear Glenf would never organize one of these travesties!

  • Padfoot24

    Bring something awkward and uncomfortable. Like an ice cream cake or the back of a Volkswagen.

  • raptor jesus

    I once hid in my room tripping while my roommate had a dinner party so I’m kinda against the whole idea of dinner meeting party. Eat then let’s get down I say.