The administrator would like to distance itself from today’s slanderous post titled “Hot Take Alert: Cavatelli is the best pasta.” 

Blocland does not encourage discrimination in any form. The “facts” and “claims” by the author are purely bias and have no scientific merit. The author was careless. We apologize for the editorial error.

We at Blocland think all pasta is great but based on scientific research the best pasta is penne used in Pizza Hut’s “Tuscani Creamy Chicken Alfredo.”


Thank you and eat at your local Pizza Hut,


  • blochead4real

    I would hate to second (triple?) guess our esteemed editorial staff but I think we would be remiss if we here at heaped our approval solely on the aforementioned Pizza Hut “Tuscani Creamy Chicken Alfredo” as EVERY menu option at Pizza Hut is exquisite.

    • dorismontgomery

      Great point. Pizza hut.

  • a.j.howard09

    How much did Carly Rae Jepsen pay you guys to pretend that Cavatelli is the best pasta? This site was way better when it stuck to real pasta. But I guess it’s trendy to be a Cavatellimist nowadays.

  • Ryan Gregson

    Spaghetti blows.

    • Doris Montgomery

      Too hot a take Lemon