Blocland would not exist without it. The team at Blocland became friends because of Spotify chat.

All of us first met on the Stereogum comment section and went on to build our friendships on Spotify chat. The Stereogum comment section was not enough for us. Your admin would not have become pen pals with the websites namesake without the feature.

This is a SLAP in the collective groin sack of Blocland’s Editorial Board (We really need to explore diversity).

Now we have to rely on Spotify’s curated “Coffehouse Chill” and “Metal for Mondays” lists. I don’t trust you to make a quality playlist. I want the option to make a sex playlist with my friends and then mock them for adding “Do It, Try It.” I don’t want a random sound-tracking my seduction. I want Colin.

We want Colin.

This was to be expected. Profit over community. Us music nerds will find another way. Not TIDAL (are TIDAL jokes still funny?) but another way.

I know you wont see this Mr. Spotify but you broke our hearts.



PS – I’m using Spotify right now. Also below is Colin’s sex playlist.

  • Ryan Gregson

    I teared up for just a second there.

    • Blochead4real

      Me too.

  • DFrye

    Poignant and funny. Classic Doris.

  • Cooolin

    DO IT! TRY IT!

    • Blochead4real

      Nothing says “bust a nut” like the smooth ass sounds of Kevin Gates. Particularly when the activity is with a cousin. Ain’t that a kick in the head?

  • lobster man

    Search “Spotify:messages”. Unless you all know something I don’t.

    • lobster man

      I’m all for Wet and Rhye making it into everyone’s love making but where’s the new Full of Hell?

      • DFrye


  • raptor jesus

    That sex playlist is about 41 songs too long for my style.

    Yeah I desperately need the chat function to converse with scruffy for Lifevests & Helmets 2. I gotta get his connection info!

    Has Blocland Editorial Board considered using Discord? I use it for one of my jobs and it’s pretty facking sweet chat program. May consider making a Blocland channel with it?

  • raptor jesus
  • Blochead4real

    I’ve submitted a complaint to Brandt Spotify (is that Dutch? WEIRD) about this. This hurts. Not like jumping on a bicycle seat without a bicycle seat but it still f’ing hurts.