This album fucking sucks.

  • Doris Montgomery

    Does Aerosmith have an album worth listening to?

    • DFrye

      Dream on.

      • Saul_Wright

        I was about to say – literally only one song.

    • AJ Howard

      “Love in the Elevator” is about having sex in an elevator.

  • lobster man

    I’m convinced

    • DFrye

      Only the best data is used at Blocland.

  • Blochead4real

    This is a very insightful review and peels back layers the traditional press was afraid to look at. Kudos

  • Cooolin

    Also dear god, what is that album title.

    • DFrye

      So funny. I actually rage-posted this with the exact same thought (and was only motivated to do so because someone tweeted this stupid “anniversary” at me. 42 years of FM radio Aerosmith misery).