Dear Readers,

The internet has become an insufferable experience. This is nothing new but it seems even more so miserable nowadays. All of the best websites have sold their souls to advertisers so that their corporate big wigs can get paid BIG cash and leave the little guys behind. Notice how you go to a website now and the top 2/3’s of the screen are an AD for AXE Body Spray? Or even worse PIZZA HUT.

These feelings were enhanced within your beloved editor upon a visit to The Onion this morning. I logged on hoping to see a humorous article but instead I was greeted by an AD from the RAVENOUS Pizza Hut Corporation. I was sick to my stomach. So sick that I tweeted directly at The Onion and Pizza Hut. I am still awaiting a reply but I suspect that they are tied up in counting their financial bounties to answer a FAN. Disgusting. Blocland would never ignore a fan.

Blocland is taking a stand. We are tired of seeing our favorite websites become nothing more than adspace for Corporate Vampires1. Sucking the blood2 from the readership then turning into a bat and flying away3.

So I make this promise to our readership: Blocland will NEVER sell out unless we get paid.

This is our promise to you. We hope we made you proud.

With Love,

Your Editor,


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  • Doris Montgomery


  • raptor jesus

    Fuck off Wing Street!!!

    • Doris Montgomery

      no one likes them. shitty wings

      • Cooolin


  • Cooolin

    Most editors would back down in the face of BIG DEODORANT trying to get a piece of the Blocland pie. But not here. Not now. NOT EVER. Keep up the fight, Doris.

  • lobster man

    we will, however, solicit donations. contribute what you can. bless.

    • Saul Wright

      We need a patreon!

  • Saul Wright
  • Thom’s Left Eye

    I’m immune to selling out, as I have nothing of value to offer any brand.


    I like PIZZA HUT at the Onion as much as I like Onions on my PIZZA HUT- The two just make sense.