Above is the track list for The War on Drugs’ hotly anticipated new album A Deeper Understanding (In Stores August 25, 2017)

From that list, The War on Drugs’ new big label owners Columbia thought it would be a swell idea to release HALF OF THE ALBUM as individual tracks before the album’s official release. I hate this idea and so do many of my esteemed Blocland colleagues.

“Thinking of a Place” was released as a 12″ single for Record Store Day all the way back in April. This was a necessary move, though possibly premature given the rush to be included in RSD. However, the seed was planted and the hype machine roared to full steam.

Almost two months went by before we heard “Holding On” and later got a very sweet music video to accompany it. This was more of the WOD we were used to, which meant combined with “Thinking of a Place”, we were likely in for a big surprise come August.

One month later in July, “Strangest Thing” was released. Let’s be clear about advance album song releases, three is pushing it, but allowed. Anything more and the purity of the album experience begins to deteriorate. Three would’ve been a great place to stop for WOD, as “Strangest Thing” may be the best song of the three songs released at this point.

Then came August, welcomed in by this beautiful piece of Blocland Buzz where we deemed August as, “The Month of WOD.” Perhaps Columbia, with their collective ears to the beating pulse of the center of great music taste, decided that A FOURTH song was necessary to hype up the already hype WOD album. “Pain” was released and our CEO Doris & I had a very heated discussion on how this was too much and it hurt (I guess it is called “Pain”) to continue listening to songs out of sequence with the album. As you see above, “Pain” / “Holding On” / “Strangest Thing” could be played in sequence to closely experience what the album WILL sound like when it comes out. Yet the teasing commenced…

…until today. Columbia has released YET ANOTHER track from A Deeper Understanding and it’s opening track “Up All Night” and it is with great responsibility I declare the following on behalf of all of us at Blocland:


Sure, you could listen to it then. Then listen to “Pain”. Then listen to “Holding On”. Then listen to “Strangest Thing”. Then you’d know what the first four songs on the album sound like in order.

Do not do this. In fact, stop listening to WOD altogether. Let’s treat this album release like a concert. You all know the rule that you can’t listen to the band you’re seeing live on the day you see them live, right? RIGHT?! Well let’s all practice WOD abstinence until next Friday, starting with the FIFTH song released in advance of the album. We can do it and I think it will be worth it.

I’ll get the ball rolling. “Up All Night” is a good song name, but it’s probably not as good as the hook in this Daft Punk classic. Enjoy:

  • Doris Montgomery

    Best Blocland article of all time. The antithesis to blocheads “twee” screed

    • Cooolin

      Blocland will not broadcast the twee-volution.

      • Blochead4real

        Let me offer a quick tweebuttal here. Twee is the primary genre all others splintered off from. Adam from WoD is a noted twee fan. In an interview I did with him before the release of Slave Ambient he told me, and I’m quoting here, “Blocster, Yer boy A-Train loves him some tin whistle, broken Fisher Price Xylophone, and ukulele. What can I say?” Of course this was back when I was blogging as Blocparticle.com.
        We recorded a quick twee jam on the spot. I’ll try and track down a copy of “Dippin Dots And Sweetest Spots” It’s a gem.

  • Caleb Tripp

    my favorite parts of Get Lucky are the chicka-chicka guitars and how frequently i heard it that summer.

  • lobster man

    Have these record companies forgotten about Currents?

  • inthedeadofknight

    “You all know the rule that you can’t listen to the band you’re seeing live on the day you see them live, right? RIGHT?!” I’m the only person I know that does this. Everyone else just saturates their ears with the band they’re about to see, makes no fucking sense.

    • raptor jesus

      Funny enough I Iearned that rule at 16 on my way to my first Tool concert 🙂

      • lobster man

        Question: are we allowed to wear WOD shirts on release day?

        • Blochead4real

          Doris will be wearing her WoD pants. IT’S A HARD ON JOKE

          • lobster man

            Oh right. Thanks!

          • DFrye

            Hahaha penis.

      • inthedeadofknight

        Yep, mine was at 18 on a 10-hour road trip to Denver to watch Red Hot Chili Peppers. Everyone in the car was pumped for it (understandably at that age) and we just played the shit out of their discography. By the time the show started it was like “oh, I’ve heard all these songs 5 times each in the past two days.” Never again.

      • Black Antlers

        I didn’t think it was a rule so much as a natural law of the universe.

  • meat

    this is a very good take