Illustrations of fish bring me great joy. I also like artistic depictions of birds and flowers. 

Is this content that needed to be published?1 

As the CEO of this site I can publish whatever I want to. This is me flexing my editorial muscles to show everyone who is boss. 

Question me and you are out. Blocland is going to be more ruthless in 2018. 

I will be implementing a LOCKED DOOR2 policy in regards to my office. The code to enter will only be available only to those who can complete FINNIGAN’S3 MAZE located in the basement of Blocland HQ. At the end of the maze there is a SCORPION who will be guarding a piece of paper with the code on it. You must beat this SCORPION in a game of chess in order to retrieve the CODE

Once you retrieve the CODE you can enter my office and ask for time off. This is the new company policy.

Thank you,


  1. No.
  2. BOLD is 2018
  3. You may ask yourself who Finnigan is.