I don’t claim to speak for all the staff at Blocland, but I don’t feel any need to be nice to fascists or their fellow travelers. I think they can go fuck themselves. Two times. And once in the morning.

Did Indiana Jones engage in polite political discourse with the Nazis? Of course not. He kept them from obtaining priceless historical artifacts that belonged in museums and threw them off blimps and said “no ticket.”

I think Dr. Jones (Indiana was the dog’s name) would be pro-this guy’s sign.

So am I. That’s all. Here’s a song.

  • Blochead4real

    This is a bold yet tenable position to take. Kudos.

  • LeMonjello

    Why do you gotta hate fascists? I thought you were all about tolerance??

    • Doris Montgomery

      selective tolerance

  • lobster man

    I’m pretty goddamn tired of these guys coming in out of the woodwork like they’re the lone ranger to tell us how they think freedom of speech means we can’t tell fascists to fuck off.