Your boy D Frye and I had an amazing fucking night last Friday. We got to see two of the best metal bands of all time, Converge and Neurosis, play together on the same bill. The opener, Amenra, was also phenomenal…we are two lucky bastards.

I went to the show mainly for Converge and, as expected, they blew me away. But Neurosis was fucking mind-blowingly incredible. I honestly don’t know who I enjoyed more (that’s a lie…there was a beautiful girl dancing awesomely in front of me for the entire Neurosis set, so they win).

Highlight of the night for me (aside from the dancing girl) was Converge playing ‘Predatory Glow’. I wish everyone could see a song like that, played live. They also did three of their new tracks which were ridiculous. I thought ‘I Can Tell You About Pain’ was the winner from the new single but ‘Eve’ is some next level stuff. Holy shit their new album is going to rule.

Because I’m a sweetheart, I made playlists of their sets so you can all live vicariously. Unfortunately, one of Converge’s new songs ‘Under Duress’ hasn’t been released yet, but trust…it works! Enjoy, and go see them if you can!

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  • DFrye

    If you want to see this beautiful girl, her hand appears in the Neurosis clip I posted to the tweeters and instant grams. She was a lovely tatted vixen who somehow found a way to dance (sexily and not headbanging-ly!) in perfect synch to Neurosis pummeling and hammer dropping.

    I lost my new Neurosis tour shirt which makes me sad. As meat said, it’s hanging out with his High on Pryor shirt in the t-shirt afterlife. Bless

    • meat

      I’ve got her in one of my vids too but it’s too dark to see her dragon wing shoulder tattoos.

      Sucks about your shirt. Hopefully it found a deserving new owner (aka-your Uber driver)

      • DFrye

        And now to quote myself, our shirts are hanging on the chillest clothesline in the afterlife, fabric softener fresh.

        My cabbie was a dick. The guy was giving me shit about going to Astoria, which is prob the easiest fucking route from Greenpoint imaginable. Douchecanoe.

  • Cooolin

    Somehow I’m a loser and have never been to a metal show. But damn, sounds like I’ve very literally been wasting my life. Thanks for the report, fellas.

    • meat

      Just do it

    • lobster man

      Metal shows at smallish clubs are the best kind of shows

  • lobster man

    Goddamn you guys have it good. And Converge ended on fucking Jane Doe. Glad you enjoyed it!

    • Black Antlers

      Yes, this!!

  • Black Antlers

    I love gigs where it’s two amazing bands co-headlining. Did Neurosis play Stones From The Sky?

    • DFrye

      “Stones From the Sky” woulda had me squealing like a pre-teen girl at a Menudo concert. They’re still hip with the kiddos right?