Okay, sorry, this post is almost a full week late. The new dogshit whisperer will go up on Monday. Here is a link to the archived version of last week’s playlist, dogshit whisperer №2.

Is this a needlessly confusing way of doing things? I’m glad you asked. Yes.

Here are this week’s selections:

1. Domenique Dumont – “Un jour avec Yusef” (from Comme ça, 2015). I guess there’s a story behind this that involves Domenique Dumont being a pseudonym used by two other musicians, but I don’t want to know it. This album is a beautiful, mysterious little package of percolating electro-fusion. And there’s a new album coming out this year!

2. Woo – “The Purple Pussy” (from It’s Cosy Inside, 1989, remastered 2018). Woo is the best band in the world. Their recent stuff is a little questionable (they seem to be hanging out with a lot of earth mother folk fest singers), but if you start from 1981’s Which Ever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong and work your way forward, you’ll find hours of wonderfulness.

3. Okapi & Aldo’s Kapi’s Orchestra – “Sturnus Vulgaris – Amour humain” (from Pardonne-moi, Olivier!: 16 oiseaux pour Olivier Messiaen, 2016). I have no idea what this is or what it’s about, but I am really into avant garde guitarist Mike Cooper lately, and apparently he features on this track. Or maybe it’s another person named Mike Cooper. Embrace the mystery.

4. Laraaji – “I Am Ocean” (from Celestial Music 1978–2011, 2013). If you know you know. Google it if you don’t. Laraaji is everything.

5. Mariah – “Hana Ga Saitara” (from Utakata No Hibi, 1983). Last week’s playlist opened with a track by Japanese fusion master Yasuaki Shimizu. This was the band he led before he went solo. Similar vibes.

6. Harlequins Enigma w/ Klaus Schulze – “Mental Floss at Owl Hoot Station” (from Growing Young, 2017). This is another one I found from following Spotify rabbit holes. This track features electro-kraut legend Klaus Schulze, whose newest work was also featured on last week’s playlist.

7. Low – “Dancing and Blood” (from Double Negative, 2018). My two big rules for dogshit whisperer were: (1) no indie rock, and (2) no singing in English. Oops.

8. Midwife – “Demon” (from Prayer Hands, 2018). Double oops. Madeline Johnson is my favorite local musician here in Denver, having recorded a bunch of gorgeous, transcendent work as Sister Grotto before taking the name Midwife and going a little harsher with her textures. In the running for AOTY.

9. Keiji Haino & Loren Connors – “I.” (from Vol. 2, 1993). Two of the world’s best guitar avant-minimalists collaborating on a long-form (improvised?) electric ocean.

10. Mike Cooper – “Raft 21 – Guayaquil to Tully” (from Raft, 2017). Told you I’ve been really into this guy lately. I first fell in love with his 2016 album New Guitar Old Hat Knew Blues and I just can’t get enough. Nobody else is doing anything quite like this.

11. Warren Sampson – “Sweetly” (from Traveller, 2018). This is a track from one of 2018’s most talked-about ambient albums. A nice pretty wave to go out on.