Oh hi. I didn’t see you there.

Here is a link to the archived version of last week’s playlist, dogshit whisperer №3.

Now, onto this week’s selections:

1. Field Works w/ Loscil – “Imprints” (from Born in the Ear, 2018). Loscil’s Endless Falls was a favorite of mine for many years, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the name attached to this new release. Pretty guitar textures, etc.

2. Mike Cooper – “Raft 37 – Las Balsas” (from Raft, 2017). Am I featuring too much Mike Cooper music on dogshit whisperer? Here’s a thought: fuck you, make your own playlist.

3. Laurel Halo – “Quietude” (from Raw Silk Uncut Wood, 2018). I love musicians who can find the midway point between spaz and atmosphere. This leans hard toward the former, but somehow those marimba-like textures soothe my weird brain.

4. Konntinent – “Grasp of Math” (from All Lines Lead In, 2007). This, along with the aforementioned Endless Falls, was one of my favorite albums a decade ago. Happily it’s just been added to Spotify for your pleasure and edification.

5. David Behrman – “Interspecies Smalltalk: Part 1” (from the expanded reissue of Leapday Night, 1991). In the early 80s, Behrman developed a computer program that could “listen” to a performer and play along by triggering sounds on a synthesizer. The result is a duet between musician and machine, and there’s a fascinating quality of wooziness caused by the latency inherent to the primitive technology. Leapday Night is my favorite album of all time, and the expanded CD version includes a bunch of other similar works. For some reason, this is the only one of those tracks that’s licensed for Spotify, but do yourself a favor and buy the whole thing on Amazon. It’s worth it.

6. Killd By – “Like a PeLiCaN” (from Recovery, 2015). Before his death this past February, Colin Ward was a key fixture of Denver’s vibrant DIY scene. I didn’t know him personally but I was moved by the outpouring of grief that followed his death and started digging through some of the 100+ albums he released under various names, including Alphabets and Phonebooks. So far, this one’s my favorite.

7. Takeshi Nakamura – “White Wall” (from Nonstandard, 2018). This is another artist whose spacious ambient stuff was very inspiring to me about a decade ago. Interestingly, he’s moved toward a more drum-n-bass-oriented sound in recent years.

8. Dan Deacon – “Horn Phase” (from Rat Film, 2017). We don’t deserve Dan Deacon. This is kind of a straight-up academic Steve Reich-inspired piece but I love the propulsion behind it.

9. Sister Grotto – “Song for an Unborn Sun” (from Song for an Unborn Sun, 2016). More from Madeline Johnson, whose new Midwife project was featured on last week’s playlist. I think her best work so far is 2016’s You Don’t Have to be a House to be Haunted, which is sadly not on Spotify but can be found on her Bandcamp page.

10. Bisamråtta & Foresteppe – “Ferris Wheel” (from Our Golden Age is Now compilation, 2017). I stumbled on Russian folky-cum-sound collagist Foresteppe a couple of years ago when I fell in love with his phenomenal album No Time to Hurry (also on Bandcamp but not Spotify). This track is a collaboration between him and fellow Russian guitarperson Bisamråtta. I don’t know the origin of the comp this track comes from, but it’s also got a track from my favorite Denver-based modular synth composer Hippies Wearing Muzzles (who I featured on dogshit whisperer #1) so it’s worth checking out.

11. M. Geddes Gengras – “10.17.2009 (for CCG)” (from Collected Works Vol. 1, 2013). Speaking of modular synth masters, my favorite M. Geddes Gengras stuff is usually in that vein, but this longer-form ambient noise piece always blows me away. It’s melodic and lyrical but with a beautiful blown-out fizzle at the edges.