Have u heard?

Those old white dudes who pretend to know everything, along with actually knowing a lot of crazy shit, moved that paper clock thirty seconds today thanks to the President Orange the United States.

I don’t really know what to think, or say about this, but it seems everyone is posting something, and White Jesus knows we needs some o dem tasty clicks. So I made a playlist.

Disclaimer: this playlist contains zero songs from Linkin Park’s late career-album-that-I-haven’t-heard Minutes to Midnight. There is one Muse song, tho


  • AJ Howard

    Did you kinda lose interest in the doomsday theme about halfway through Padfoot?

    • Padfoot24

      The theme is there, it’s just hiding in a fallout shelter with some weird tunes

      • Padfoot24

        Idk what possessed me to put the 15 minute version of Tick of the Clock on here but I’m so glad I did