OMG, we’re over a week into October! Who’s out sipping on that pumpkin-spiced latte while enjoying themselves a fall color tour?




No Blocland devotee, we understand the number of fucks you concern yourself with as to attend a pumpkin patch with snotty children and a foul petting zoo: Zero.

That is because Allhallows eve is approaching and we’re on a time constraint people!

The back issues in your Fangoria collection need dusting, that VHS copy of the Video Dead won’t watch itself and, come on, you’ve got poetry to wallow in all before devil’s night. Then again-deadlines aren’t really promoted here at Blocland, it stifles creativity.

Regardless, don’t worry-I mean we know you don’t care- after all you’re just an empty shell in a crowded world.

Either way, PANTSUIT along with a mountain of drugstore eyeliner in signature shade: “Blackest Black”, has put together a PLAYLIST.

Now you can soak into the aforementioned tasks above AND remain sane while muttering “I myself am strange and unusual,” over and over and over and over again to your cat.

BONUS: The variety of songs included are, probably, Daria Morgandorffer approved*.

Enjoy, or don’t, or whatever-



*Blocland cannot speak on behalf of fictional cartoon-characters.

  • Cooolin

    Man, I hate it when I go to the pumpkin patch to sulk among the rotting gourds and then all those goddamn children show up.

  • Doris Montgomery

    its still 87 degrees here. can i listen?

    • Cooolin

      Nope, you’re stuck with Summer Jamz 2017


      Listen at dusk…does that help?

  • Thom’s Left Eye

    i’m out here livin’ my best post-goth lifestyle.

    This a good modern spooky experience (that’s not 2spooky).

    • Doris Montgomery

      good move to not include monster mash

      • Thom’s Left Eye

        monster mash is infinitely spooky – there are at least 3 different types of monster involved in said ‘mash’.

        I don’t support that kind of monster milieu.

      • PANTSUIT

        There is always a time and a place for the Monster mash-Usually at an elementary school play- although my childhood curiosity to understand what Dracula’s vocal group ‘crypt creeper five’ would sound like still exists.

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