I’m so hungover, I’m skipping the National show tonight at Forest Hills.  It will probably be the best show ever and I will probably be teased endlessly for missing it. To help me through the bummer, I’ve enlisted the help of a few of my favorite ladies.  I’m no fun, and neither are these songs… They are fucking great though!  Have a super weekend!







  • lobster man

    Consistently great picks man. That Big Thief album is super solid.

    • meat

      thanks dude. yeah, that album is a top 10er for sure.

      • Cooolin

        I am a loser who has totally missed out on this album, but will try and rectify that. Thanx meat!

        • meat

          Is v v v good

  • Doris Montgomery

    the national suck live. you arent missing much

    • Cooolin

      emo for adults

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