PANTSUIT succumbs a mind altering journey into the Navajo valley desert. Dressed with only a pocket knife, moleskin journal and the knowledge of the Yaqui way, it is there that I, PANTSUIT, will surrender to Mescalito and tame the Devil’s Weed. ATTN: PANTSUIT Out of Office

Friends, readers, countrymen, Enemies, lend me your ears. PANTSUIT seeks to uncover the culture and skills of the Navajo Nation. Gathering herself among the layers of Organ Rock Shale, PANTSUIT will settle on the sandstone buttes, to breathe in the American West. Under the spell of the flowering Lophophora Cactus, PANTSUIT will bring back her teachings to Blocland. She does this for YOU!

Behold, the promised playlist of hallucinogenic, face-melting, properties.

With the aid of my predecessor, Lobsterman, we have molded this playlist. It begins meeting that horrid drug dealer who still lives in their mother’s basement eating pizza pockets and swinging coke on the side. Cue “Big Time Operator” by The Dead Milkmen. Then we yield into body buzz bliss as any clean C20H25N3O should with cult-y classics: “Section 19: When the Fool Becomes a King” by Polyphonic Spree and “Ed is A Portal” by Akron Family. These tracers aren’t warm and fuzzy anymore. This trip veers into the dark side of paranoid delusions with “The Army’s on Ecstasy” by Oyster Head then slams us into a deep black pit with Pnau’s “Wild Strawberries”. Let me out of Here!

But we haven’t given you bunk Acid- this is prime California Family fluff. It coddles you like a nursing babe into “Golden Arrow” by Darkside just before 17 minutes of The Doors (only because Jim Morrison took his own journey into the desert) – Fuck Jim Morrison-

The playlist ends with Wavves “Post Acid” slipping you back into reality and ready for summer beach shenanigans.

Ask and you shall receive (nobody asked to begin with).

P.S. Don’t touch my fucking glitter pens!