That’s right. We know where the brooch is. This is totally not a publicity stunt to generate traffic.

Don’t worry. We definitely know where it is. I’m not just trying to draw Josh out of hiding during the daytime before I’ve gone to bed. I’m also totally not bluffing. I’m gonna tell you in 3…



K. Shit. I got nothing. That 13 minute track is pretty dope tho. ┬áBest of luck on yr new album cycle Josh, and good luck on yr brooch hunt. That is if you haven’t already relegated your previous jewelery as a completely meaningless and and asinine stepping stone towards the inevitable black hole that will swallow us all.

Or maybe you can ask Doris to borrow one. I hear our beloved OBIC (Old Bat In Charge) has quite the BC (brooch collection).

  • Blochead4real

    Josh contact for the exact location of the brooch. This is also not a blatant attempt to get you to visit our website. We are above that kind of thing.

  • AJ Howard

    FAKE NEWS!!!

    • Blochead4real


    • DFrye

      Shameless and blameless #trumpsamerica