Hey, starting my guitar tutorial series, teach you guys the best licks in the biz! You’ll soon be jamming to the most wicked riffs in rock and roll!


  • lobster man

    1. I’ve been pronouncing the name wrong this whole time.
    2. Your voice is deeper than I expected. Not that I thought it would be high. I was sure that your voice would me manly as all hell, just not that manly.
    3. I know how to play Blister In the Sun now. But I’m more of a Kiss Off Kinda guy but thanks!
    4. Hot damn that was a hot lick!!!

    • Doris Montgomery

      one of the hottest i’ve ever seen

  • AJ Howard

    Little known fact of music trivia: this song is about jackin it.

  • Doris Montgomery

    exclusive video content! BOOOOOOOOOING

    • DFrye

      This is the sort of engaging video content advertisers put on their “do not buy” list.

      I now run the ad sales department. Where is the fax machine? I’ve gotta get this order confirmation back to Zune.

      • Doris Montgomery

        We have a fax machine on floor 26.

  • meat

    Been trying to learn that song for like FOREVER but could never figure out that third note. This was a massive help!

    I just played it for my aunt and she said it sounded like the real deal! Thanx Lem!!

    • LeMonjello

      No prob! Stay tuned for rippin riffs!